Fri. Apr 26th, 2019
air asia kiss and hug crew

Air Asia Kiss and Hug Gestures on Bags Draw Mixed Reactions from Netizens

AirAsia bag handlers found a unique way for passengers to feel safe for their luggage after a mishandling controversy last March 2018 in Malaysia. Over 20 images were posted online, showing staffs kissing and hugging luggage before loading them in the plane.

air asia kiss and hug crew

This gesture seems to be an immediate response to show the customers that AirAsia is making serious measures to transport baggage safely. Mohd Amir Izzat, an AirAsia employee, uploaded some 20 photos on Facebook with a caption “DEAR BAG, DOESN’T MATTER HOW WEIGHT IS THE BAG WAS, WE WILL HANDLE WITH KISS AND CARE… LOVE your bag. We apologize from all our mistake before. Please stay tuned with AirAsia”. In the pictures, several airline personnel carefully wrap their arms around the luggage and literally plant a kiss.

Improper baggage handling is a common incident in airports, passengers have to deal with snags when traveling. As a result, reports of viral videos, customer calls, and email complaints flooded the desk of AirAsia Group CEO Tony Fernandes.

air asia crew hug baggages

The AirAsia founder personally informed his staff and advised them to treat the baggage cautiously while transporting the bags. Some videos were posted in various social media platforms that showed Toni Fernandes reminding his crews about the increasing number of mishandling incidents. “Please look after the bags better. Every day I get an e-mail complaining about the bags. Don’t throw the bags anymore, kiss the bags,” he pointed out. Even CEO Riad Asmat, an active cyclist himself, also apologized for the incident, saying he was “deeply disturbed” when he watched the viral video.

air asia crew kiss and hug baggage

In March 2018, AirAsia baggage handlers were caught throwing packages labeled as “Fragile” on various occasions. The viral video had inevitably put AirAsia under fire as more and more passengers reported similar incidents later. Another passenger, who also boarded the same flight during the incident, expressed his disappointment through Facebook for mishandling his expensive bicycle, which caused serious damages. However, in response, Fernandes issued a formal apology on Facebook, expressing that the airline management will take full responsibility in dealing with this matter.

airasia kiss and hug crew

The good thing is, some AirAsia personnel appear took CEO Tony Fernandes’ advice. Picture show staffs kissing the bags and were posted online. A move that resulted in over 9600 shares and 2500 comments. However, netizens showed mixed reactions over the airline staffs’ fun gestures. Some passengers thought the move was nice, but for some, the gesture was a clear sign of disobedience on Tony Fernandes’s instructions.

Despite the diverse responses from netizens and passengers, AirAsia was commended for taking immediate actions to resolve these humongous bag handling issues. What’s more important is that the airline company can now ensure proper handling of all baggage and not just bicycles at all times.

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