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AIM Global Member in Critical Condition Due to Accident, Relative Criticized Company

A netizen reposted in her social media the post of a woman who claimed his uncle, in critical condition, is a member of known Multi-Level Marketing brand and accused the company for not supporting its member after suffering from an accident.

On October 2, 2018, a post by concerned netizen went viral. She had uploaded several screenshots from a post of the original complainant who claimed her uncle happens to be a member of AIM GLOBAL.

















Here’s an image of the so-called an Insurance Certificate which probably the reason why the original post was shared as it seemed useless on the part of the family.











Looking at the information she posted, it is not clear, though, what exactly happened to her uncle as she did not elaborate the cause of the accident. She merely alleged the AIM Global’s lack of support and a piece of photo above that backs it up.


In the original post, the netizen by the name of Lovelyrose Dela Cruz, who happens to be the niece of the patient in the photo, criticized the company for its failure to attend to the needs of her uncle considering he’s been working for them that long. She is calling out and condemning their absence in support. She started her post by revealing the name of the company, questioning their insurance benefits due to the accident. Also, she narrated that prior to the incident, her uncle had been working devotedly to the extent that he was able to get promoted. She added that the man willingly spent his own money buying their products, selling it even abroad thus proving his loyalty to the company. Having said all those things, she is in a way saying that her beloved uncle just deserves the help he needs from them after all. Moreover, Lovelyrose emphasized that he is now in Manila and not in Saudi anymore, bluntly claiming that AIM Global cannot impose anymore its previous reason that hindered their support all because the insurance coverage is applicable only within the Philippine territory.







AIM Global is one of the popular MLM companies in the Philippines for the past 13 years. It is considered as one of the respected MLM brands in the country.

Having said this, assuming the uploader’s post is true, one might think why would AIM Global allow such act that could possibly tarnish their reputation? Did they really do that? Or could it be that on the part of the MLM member, something is lacking in the documents required of him in terms of securing insurance benefits? There is not enough information showing that they have complied. And there seems to have not enough evidence that supports their claim before anyone is convinced on their allegation against the company. Worst, if the scenario does not fall into the conditions that qualify to avail the benefits they have been demanding.


There are, however, mixed of reactions that can be seen in the comment section of her post. Some sympathize with her. Several people are in doubt because they are not sure if the post is indeed true, even wanting an update as if asking for proof first before they buy it.




And there’s someone who seems not convinced at all.








Instead, netizen gives her an advice and asks her to remove such post as he finds it malicious.


In our era of social media, it’s easy to post anything. But before coming up with any post, we should require ourselves to have a detailed information so that people will have a better understanding of the situation we are in. Simply throwing accusations without enough data against someone does not work well. Though it may easily get the attention of many, in the end, people will look for pieces of evidence that support our claim to be sure they get it right. Otherwise, what we share will eventually lose its sense. In the same way, as netizens, we should have a balanced view on every topic we entertain before sharing our comments.

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