Wed. Sep 18th, 2019
Abused OFW In Qatar

Abused OFW In Qatar Cries For Help

One of the disadvantages of working abroad is, it’s very difficult to find help when you’re in a bad situation especially when you’re in the Middle East country. In fact, even fellow Filipinos cannot help you on their own, with no authorities, because it is not allowed in the Middle East.

Social Media

This is why social media had been a great help to most of our domestic workers. Many lives had been already saved because of the shared post – mostly, domestic workers who have been maltreated by employer. And in this case, another concerned citizen posted a picture of a Pinay domestic worker who was asking for help.

Tristan Josef Mangali posted on his Facebook timeline asking for help for fellow OFW whom they encountered at Safari Mall. Tristan said that they’re on queue to pay for their goods when they meet the OFW, afraid.

Abused OFW asks for help

Tristan said that the OFW’s name is Aida Insung, a resident from Zamboanga. The OFW was asking for help because according to her she’s being physically abused by her employer. In addition, the OFW said that she has a Shri Lanka co-employee, Kirimia, who is also being abused by their employer.

Tristan was not able to ask full details of Aida’s situation as the latter is not able to communicate well because she was crying and very afraid. Tristan also mentioned that another concerned citizen, Margie, saw Aida shaking in fear at the corner. The reason, her employer told her that she will send Aida to jail.

Tristan did manage to ask Aida of her employer’s address- Zone 56, house # 30, street 135 Ain Khalid DOHA QATAR

We hope that someone could help Aida and her Shri Lanka friend as well.


Aida is already in the custody of Philippine Overseas Labor Office POLO.

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