Mon. Mar 8th, 2021

Abu Dhabi Based OFWs Build Rental Business in the Philippines

One of the better ways to earn passive income these days is with an apartment or room for rent. This is just what the two Filipinos who are based in Abu Dhabi had in mind when they wanted to set up their own apartment rental business in the Philippines.

Ann and Kenn are both accredited dentists in the Philippines who have chosen to seek their medical careers in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). One of their aspirations is to have an apartment rental business that would allow them to gain passive income in the long run.

Image source: Pinoy OFW

According to the vloggers, they were dreaming about establishing an apartment rental business in 2017, when Ann began working in Abu Dhabi. They were able to purchase a 340 square meter lot for Php 510,000. After earning enough money, they constructed an apartment consisting of five wide sets of rooms that would eventually be rented out.

On their YouTube page, Ann and Kenn shared how they could turn a vacant lot into a 5-door apartment. They put a huge amount of time, effort, and of course — budget — into creating a well-constructed and functional living space for future renters.

Through great labor, determination, and self-discipline in saving money, Ann and Kenn were able to invest in a business that would gain them extra income throughout their lives.

Ann and Kenn’s story is evidence that, as a reward for all their hard work and hardships abroad, Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) will accomplish their goals. Their journey acts as an inspiration for all of us to keep working hard, to dream high, and to have confidence that all of our dreams—big and small—will finally come true.

Link to their YouTube channel:  

Watch the construction of their apartment below.

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