Thu. Oct 18th, 2018

Abortionist Arrested After The D**** Of An OFW Who Attempted To Have An Abortion

A female Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) d*** at a motel bathroom in Quiapo, Manila after undergoing an abortion.

Her Reason

Nelia Sotelo, 32, a pregnant OFW from Dubai flew back to the Philippines for an abortion. The victim was able to contact her abortionist, Luzviminda Tibay, 48, through social media. Sotelo’s work contract in Dubai stipulated that it was forbidden to get pregnant while still working for the company, according to the abortionist. Scared of losing her job, Sotelo went home and decided to terminate her pregnancy.

The abortion procedure happened at a motel. Sotelo, accompanied by her friend Catherine San Jose, checked in last July 10. As soon as Tibay arrived, she asked Sotelo to drink abortion pills and proceeded with the aborting process.

The Consequence

The following day, San Jose, went out to grab some food and upon her return noticed that Sotelo was no longer responding inside the bathroom. She immediately called the help of the motel’s staff and saw Sotelo’s body lying on the bathroom floor unconscious and bleeding profusely.

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They quickly rushed Sotelo to Jose Reyes Memorial Medical Center and was declared dead on arrival. According to the Manila Police Department, Nelia Sotelo d*** of excessive bleeding and septic shock.

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The Judgment

Last July 13, Luzviminda Tibay was apprehended in a follow-up operation. The authorities discovered that she received the amount of P10,000 from the victim for employing her abortion service. The police did not have a hard time finding Tibay since she was a famously known abortionist in Quiapo. The alleged abortionist also admitted giving Sotelo abortifacient that she bought from a store beside Quiapo church.

Photo Credit: Youtube
Photo Credit: Youtube

Tibay will face charges for intentional abortion and reckless imprudence resulting to homicide according to Supt. Carlo Manuel, PIO of Manila Police Department.

The police are now trying to contact the husband of the victim.

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