Tue. May 11th, 2021

A Sacrifice of an OFW Mom For Her Daughter

Overseas Filipino Workers grow by tens of millions, their main reason for leaving the Philippines is to find a better opportunity for their family. One of these OFWs is Marlyn Henning, she was once an OFW that work as a nurse at Abdulla Fouad Hospital in Dammam, Saudi Arabia later moved to the United States of America in Physician and Surgeon Hospital in Midland, Texas.

Marlyn has a daughter named Angeli Gabriel, at present Angeli is taking up graduate school and has a job at Washington D.C, Marlyn on the other hand is living comfortably in a small town of Fairview in Tennessee.

Marlyn and Angeli’s life was not an easy one, living apart from each other ever since Angeli was still a baby. 

Marlyn is the youngest daughter of their family, their father was the breadwinner of their family with his job as a bus driver in a rural town in San Jacinto, Philippines, his earnings were their only support for a sibling of six and a mother. Their life in the province was hard and Marlyn was seen as a hope for their family, she was persuaded by her family to take up nursing as her mother would often see successful nurses in their community. 

Marlyn, taking up nursing, graduated as a registered nurse in 1978 at Lyceum-Northwestern University. Finally graduated she embarked to become one of the elite nurses in the country succeeding her predecessors, later she would work in Saudi Arabia for a better life for her family and soon to be born Angeli.

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Marlyn’s family was living the lives comfortably from the support she has given them, with her parents growing old they needed it the most, and soon her daughter will be born. Returning to the Philippines was a delight for her family and the day for Angeli to be born was fast approaching. With Angeli being born she needs to return to her work leaving her daughter to her parents and to Angeli’s uncle with his family.

Years have passed a great opportunity was given to Marlyn’s family, migrating to the USA. This opportunity paved the way for her family to moved to the USA and lived a comfortable life but it was not easy as Marlyn and Angeli have more obstacles to face, facing them with their head up high and full of hope for a better life.

Marlyn, after taking up an exam to retain her job, succeeded in attaining their dream. With their lives full of ups and downs, left and right, they manage against the odds and live their lives to the fullest.

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