Mon. Oct 14th, 2019
Domestic Worker Suffers Mental Breakdown

A Pinay worker loses sanity after employer beats her

Pinay domestic worker suffers mental breakdown after employer beats her.

Filipinos go abroad, sacrifice time for their family, their safety and life in hope to find a better fortune. However, not all Filipinos are fortunate and get to achieve this dream. Instead of having a better life, some encounter a great misfortune working abroad than in the Philippines.

In a post shared by the admin of Uno Health and Beauty Products Facebook page, a Pinay worker loses sanity due to the abuse that she suffered from the hands of her employer. According to the post, the Pinay worker was heavily beaten by her employer, the reason for her to lose her sanity. The Pinay worker is now in the Intensive Care Unit ICU of King Saud Medical Riyadh Saudi Arabia, fighting for her life.

Domestic Worker Suffers Mental Breakdown

In Filipino Times report, the abused OFW is seen crying in the video taken by other concerned Filipino, pleading for help and not to be killed. The concerned netizen didn’t get additional important information from the abused OFW other than her name and agency, as the OFW is unable to answer her questions.

The abuse OFW is identified as Regine Pedregosa. The name of her agency is Global Connect Manpower Resource & Dev. Inc.

Domestic Worker Suffers Mental Breakdown

The Facebook page admin urges everyone to share the post hoping that it will reach the abused OFW’s family and get help from the Philippine government.

Domestic Worker Suffers Mental Breakdown

Guys! Sya po yung kababayan nating OFW na nasiraan ng bait at nawala sa katinuan dahil sa pagmamaltrato ng kanyang amo, bugbog sarado po ang sinapit nya kaya nasa ICU po sya ngayon at kritikal, sya po si Regine Pedregosa, name po ng agency nya ay Global Connect Manpower Resources & Dev. Inc. nasa King Saud Medical Riyadh Saudi Arabia po sya ngayon.. paki Share na lang po para makarating ito sa family nya sa Pinas at matulungan ng ating gobyerno..

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