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Why Women Cheat

5 Known Real Reasons Why Women Cheat

5 Real Reasons Why Women Cheat?

Discussing the infidelity of men would be a grand slam topic for women. In fact, if you would raise the subject now to any woman you know, you would easily get an overwhelming consensus that men would definitely cheat if an opportunity comes at their doorstep. Most women would easily brand men as natural predators and absolutely a weaker specimen when it comes to resisting temptations and keeping relationships.

For once, let us skip the part of what everyone is saying that “men are polygamous in nature” because this line would sometimes be used as a justification to men’s infidelity. On the one hand, this argument would be used as a total and unfair generalization to men’s integrity in keeping their vows to their partner.

But wait a minute, what about women? Are we just going to accept this notion that only men cheat? Well for most men, this would be a truly interesting discussion. As you may all know, women are now playing the game of what only men were accepted to do 20 years ago, when our society was still very conservative.  With all the existing technology, social media, and the internet, cheating is an easy past time for some men and women alike.

Now, let us discuss at least 5 known real reasons why women cheat? The list is according to some accounts of men who had their days as a playboy. Please note “HAD”, meaning they are good boys now. Well, at least that’s what they said. Let’s just keep their words for it so we can continue with the list.

Their partner is not so sweet anymore

This is one of the most common complaints of women about their partner. Well, guys, you know what this means. You have to be sure not to forget your anniversary date, birthday and other special occasions or else the outcome would not be pretty. A good set of flowers, cards, dinner, movie, or gift would set the mood and will ultimately complete their day. Also, you have to ensure that you remember your theme song, her favorite food and yeah her favorite color.

women demand

Most women especially the younger ones, do not understand that men have their own unique ways of expressing their sweetness and love towards their partners. Sometimes they based their ideas on what the norms dictate especially the vast influence of the media. They want to have the same perfect boyfriend they see in Korean telenovelas thus ending up with gradual dissatisfaction towards their partners. But regardless of any instances, it is of utmost importance that a good man should treat his woman very special all the time in his own way.

Their men do not spend more time with them

Most women demand their men’s time and attention often. This means you have to text them your whereabouts, real-time update on what you are doing, and never forget to send your best emoticons while saying your good goodnight.

playboys would exploit

Women are thoughtful and very protective of their partners. They just want to know that their man is secure and home safe. That is why guys if you want to go out with friends, ask their permission nicely and respect their resistance if they do not agree rather than invent excuses and lies just to go around. A good woman would also understand that a man should have his own time with his friends.

Their men do not understand them

This one is a no-brainer. Women are definitely a complicated being. They would say “okay” in your face but means exactly the opposite. You have to be a mind reader to perfectly achieve the feat of knowing what they truly want. And yes you need to be very sensitive for you to understand the message.

gorgeous and sexy

Their friends, parents, and peers do not approve their partner

Friends and family’s approval are important factors in a relationship because they can influence women’s decision about their partner. That is why in Filipino culture, we are courting their friends and family as well before winning the heart of the woman.

They spend most of their time on social media

Guys take a heed on this. You need to post how much you love her and announce to the world how special she is. Also, by all means, avoid posting pictures with other women especially the gorgeous and sexy ones or else you will surely experience a silent treatment if not an unnecessary argument.

Women are definitely a complicated-being

If you fail to do at least 3 of the aforementioned list, would mean an imminent disaster of your relationship in the near future. Because these are weaknesses that playboys would exploit in order for your woman to cheat if not replace you. But hey, it takes two to tango. In the end, the woman has an overall control in every history of infidelity because if she declines at the onset then there is no need to having this discussion.

Well, that’s all folks. If you do not agree with this list which I have a feeling most women might. Feel free to post your reactions in the comments section. Thank you! And I hope you enjoyed the discussion.

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