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Amend Errors on Birth Documents

3 Tips for OFWs to Amend Errors on Birth Documents

If you are a legitimate Filipino living abroad who were born in the Philippines, this might become useful to fix your birth certificates. There are three beneficial tips on how to correct the information in your birth certificate concerns and the current process that exists in embassies.

Correcting some details of any birth certificate, particularly for Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW), is one of the several requests handled by paralegal experts in family law. Here are sample scenarios where you need an expert opinion regarding birth certificate concerns.

Sample scenario 1: Sara

Sara was born and raised in the Philippines and later migrated to Australia to pursue her career dream. Now, she wants to petition her widowed mother to live in Australia with her. But her mother’s incorrect name on her birth certificate hinders Sara to proceed with the petition process.

Sample scenario 2: James

James is living abroad for 35 years and he needs to renew his passport, so he can visit his sickly father in the Philippines. However, the embassy official informed him that he needed to correct his misspelled name on his birth certificate first before he can be issued a new Philippine passport.

For these two cases, immigration issues may take place if the birth certificate has incorrect details. Anyone can be legally held accountable or be questioned by an immigration agency. The legal process may take some time since the concerned OFWs are living away from the Philippines.

Requesting the help of the Philippine embassy is the best way to correct any birth certificate, especially if the legal document has been registered with that agency. However, if the birth certificate is registered at a local civil registrar in the Philippines, expect a lengthy processing time as the Philippine embassy will need to coordinate the document with Philippine Statistics Office (PSO), Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) and the local civil registrar (LCR).

Learning the three important tips

The correction process is repeated twice, and it happens in your LCR and then the Philippine embassy. On several occasions, you will need someone in the Philippines to coordinate the correction process with your LCR since birth was initially recorded there. The petition only becomes more difficult if the petitioner is not living in the Philippines, so you may as well ask someone to file the correction for you. Also, remember to provide that person a Special Power of Attorney (SPA) to expedite the process.

Here are three valuable tips to correct your birth certificate:

1. Ask a close family member or relative to file the request on your behalf. A SPA is required before the LCR will act on your request. Be sure to comply with the LCR’s list of requirements since the required documents will depend on the type of error.

2. Have your submitted documents be thoroughly assessed by the LCR. It is best to coordinate with the LCR and other concerned agencies to immediately address any unforeseen problem along the way.

3. Make constant follow-up with your designated family member and the concerned agencies that are handling your correction. Once the petition has been approved, bring the document to the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) for the annotation of your birth certificate.

Any error on a birth certificate should be resolved immediately to minimize the delays of your petition. Since the passport law is very strict with registered names, the best advice is to ask someone for help and maintain constant communication with that person while the process is ongoing.

Source: Lawyer Philippines

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