Tue. May 21st, 2019
Mom Cannot Send Money

2-Years-Old-Child Suffers Whenever OFW Mom Cannot Send Money

An innocent child suffers the ire of the father whenever the Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) mother is unable to send him money.

The aggrieved mother is Rowena “Weng” Bestudio an OFW domestic worker. The pictures she provided shows the different ways that her husband inflicts cruel acts to their 2-year-old child.

  • The child was on a top of a stool with a rope around the neck tied to a beam on the ceiling.
  • The father was threatening the child with a knife.
  • The child was kicked by the father while sleeping.

Weng asked permission for a leave from her employer, but this was turned down. Her relatives were apprehensive in extending help for fear of reprisal from the father. She turned to Facebook to tell her story and hopefully this will reach the proper authorities who will help her child. Numerous netizens empathized and gave her advice on how to handle the situation.

Action man Raffy Tulfo to the rescue

The incident was trending on Facebook and caught the attention of Raffy. There was a dialogue between him and Mildred Matol, the Municipal Social Welfare Development (MWSD) Head of Dulag, Leyte.

convo 1

According to Matol they went to the place and based on their observations there was no reason to separate the child from the father. Relatives and neighbors were interviewed but there was no reported incident of any hostile aggression by the father to the child.  The child was close to the father and even asked to open a candy, provide food and accompany to the toilet. Relatives do not have the capacity to take care of the child the grandmother is 78 years old, and an uncle is sick and needs an operation.

convo 2

Raffy stressed his point that the child needs to be separated from the father because of his unstable mind. There were pictures provided by Weng that shows the child is on top of a stool with the neck tied to a rope and the child was moving away from the father who held a knife. If the mother cannot send money the father might pour out his anger on the child placing the kid in danger. And it would be best if the father gets a clearance from a psychiatrist before they can be together.

Matol said, “Based on my professional judgment the father is stable.”

Raffy sensed that the conversation was going nowhere, so he called Col. Emma Libunao of the Family Juvenile Gender and Development Division Crime, Camp Crame to help the child. Col. Libunao will give assistance by pulling out the child and provide custody until the father passed the mental test given by a psychiatrist.

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