Tue. Dec 1st, 2020

10 OFWs Setup in Jeddah Already Safe, Philippine Embassy Asks to Stop Sharing Video

Before going abroad, all Overseas Filipino workers are oriented about the DOs and DONTs in their respective countries. And they are all aware that out of all the host countries, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has the most strict laws at all. There is a lot that KSA restrict citizens and residents to do and one of them is consuming liquor.

Liquors are highly prohibited in Saudi Arabia. However, some of our Overseas Filipino workers forgot this fact when they admittedly trust their boss. 

According to one of the OFWs, they were set up by their boss, asks them if they want to drink, and when they agreed with him, he immediately gives them liquors. 

“Binigyan po kami ng alak ng moder namin tapos yung alak palang yun tira po nila. Tira po ng ibang lahi,” said one of the OFWs.

A little while after that, police officers arrives and readily take the ten OFWs to prison. As much as they want to explain their side, that they were only set-up, the police won’t let them. 

“Gusto man po naming magpaliwanang sa side namin hindi po namin magawa ayaw po kaming pagpaliwanagin ng pulis pinakulong po agad kami dinampot po agad kami dinala dito sa police station sampu po kaming mga OFW,” he added.

The OFWs are based in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. 


The OFWs are now safe and in good hands, the Philippine Embassy had already rescued them. What the Philippine embassy asking right now is to stop spreading the video and delete it as soon as possible because taking videos or pictures of any government and military facilities in Saudi Arabia are considered espionage or spying. The said video can cause the OFWto land in jail again and this time will face a cybercrime case. 

Read the advice below: 

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